Connix Lighting Set – Wireless, Magnetic Fitting

118.00 94.00


Wireless, magnetic and cable free… 
What makes Connix different? 
It’s wireless – no need to plug in, it connects to the driver controls without those annoying wires that are always in the way. ”How does it power up?” We hear you ask – It’s rechargeable! Charge for 4 hours for 10 hours of bright light. 
It’s magnetic – Swap between vehicles and machinery in a matter of seconds, and the best bit is that you don’t need any tools to attach it. 
It’s multi-functional – You can use Connix as rear lighting, indicators, brake lights or to illuminate your number plate. 
It’s made for the farm – Long lasting and extremely durable we created Connix with farmers in mind. 
Function: 4, Brake / Tail / Indicator / Number Plate 
Volts: 12/24V 

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