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Restorator Heading Date
4.0 kg NAVAN (T) 06/06 I,NI,S
3.0 kg KINTYRE (T) 08/06 I,NI,S
3.00 kg ASPECT (T) 05/06 I,NI,UK,S
11.00 kgs

RESTORE Your Pastures To Their Former Productive Glory!

Overseeding & Sward Renovation Mixture – A select formulation of ALL tetraploid varieties suitable for overseeding purposes. As grass quality of the sward can start to deteriorate after a number of years after sowing, overseeding is a cost effective solution to replenishing and maintaining your grass quality and yields. For top performance, good grazing management is required in order to encourage tillering within the sward.



Patchy establishments, damaged or poached ground or swards that have become more ‘open’ over time are all examples of reasons why it makes sense to overseed. The varieties within Restorator are specially selected for their superb dry matter production and rapid establishment. Tetraploids are the varieties of preference due to their larger size which means greater energy reserves and seed vigour. Ultimately this will lead to better establishment during the overseeding process.


A solid performer on the Irish List since 1999, Navan delivers good annual yields particularly in the Autumn and also has very good dry matter digestibility. A persistent variety, it is ranked highly for Autumn Dry Matter Production on the Teagasc PPI.


Ranked in the top 5 varieties on the Teagasc PPI, Kintyre has particularly good autumn production which is useful for extending the grazing season. A good high quality performer Kintyre will deliver very good DMD in swards combined with high silage yields.


First appearing on the Irish List in 2014, Aspect has the best ground cover score of all the tetraploids listed. Combining its super density and impressively high 2 cut digestible yield with a very high grazing quality this variety is a top performer for the job.

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