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Liffey Mills Head Office

Pat Ryan

Branch: 0505 21477 (Roscrea)
Status: Managing Director

Patrick Ryan,B.Agr.Sc, has been with Liffey Mills for over 30 years and has held the position of Managing Director since 1994.During this period he has been central to the company’s expansion and is very well known and regarded in the industry.

He has a particular interest in animal nutrition and has been at the forefront of our development and promotion of micronised and toasted ingredients in our range of animal feeds.

Mattie Kennedy

Mobile: 086 2585767
Branch: 0505 21477 (Roscrea)
Status: Branch Manager / Technical Advisor

Mattie joined Liffey Mills in 1986 as a college graduate after completing a degree in B.Agr.Sc.

He is Branch Manager in Roscrea and has a large customer base around the North Tipperary and Laois area. Mattie has witnessed the changes in agriculture at first hand over the last 25 years and there is no one in a better position to advise you on what will or wont work in your enterprise, highly qualified in both crop agronomy and animal nutrition Mattie is IASIS accredited, FETAC certificate in Animal Nutrition and is a dept registered pesticide advisor.

Willie Boland

Mobile: 086 2604450
Branch: 0505 21477 (Roscrea)
Status: Sales Rep / Technical Advisor

Willie joined Liffey Mills in 1998 directly from college after completing a B.Agr.Sc degree and remains a loyal and dedicated rep to his many customers ever since. Willie covers a large area including North Tipperary, Laois and Offaly and is passionate about delivering a quality service and value to each and every one of his customers.

Willie farms part time himself and so naturally has a keen interest in ruminant feeds, what works & what doesn’t, he is constantly teasing out and resolving issues that farmers face throughout their year and with his qualifications in Animal Nutrition, IASIS accredited Crop Management and Ag Science you can be sure that Willie will deliver on sound advice that will give you the results to move your enterprise forward. Willie is also a dept registered pesticide advisor.

James Brady

Mobile: 086 2665564
Branch: 0505 21477 (Roscrea)
Status: Sales Rep / Technical Advisor

James joined Liffey Mills in 1996 and has got to know a lot of people on his travels. James has given service in both Banagher and Nenagh branches in the past and is now based in Roscrea servicing a huge area from Wexford to Donegal dealing mainly in the wholesale side of the business.

James is always keen to talk to potential wholesale clients and has a vast variety of products to offer at wholesale level. James also takes a very keen interest in Crop Agronomy and is well known throughout the industry as he walks thousands of acres of crops every year for farmers.

This in turn has made James one of the country’s leading agronomists and first in his field when it comes to knowledge and crop agronomy. James holds a B.Agr.Sc degree, is IASIS accredited in crop management, has a FETAC certificate in animal nutrition and is a dept registered pesticide advisor.

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