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A low cost Grass Tetany Prevention Programme starting from as little as 17c/head/day. Grass Tetany is caused by an inadequate dietary intake of magnesium. Clinical Grass Tetany can result in death, Sub-Clinical Grass Tetany reduces milk yield and quality and can cause difficulty going back into calf

The FlowMag Liquid Magnesium Range can be used as an aid in the prevention of grass tetany and trace element deficiencies. FlowMag can be purchased both with and without trace elements. The FlowTrace Liquid Trace Element Range is suitable for both cattle and dairy cows at all times of the year (especially suited to the grazing herd where compound supplementation is reduced or has ceased.)

Magnesium Chloride Flakes

Are a highly soluble form of flaked Magnesium. Because of it’s high solubility, Mag Flakes are normally administered via the drinking water, however they can also be added to the TMR diet. Mag Flakes are most commonly used with Dry Cows, to help maintain anionic / cationic balance and assist in preventing Milk Fever and again when cows are introduced to lush grass for aid in the prevention of grass tetany. They can also be used as a source of Magnesium prior to turn out and during periods when lush grass is being fed. Mag Chloride may also be administered as a drench if desired.

Sweet Cal-Mag

Is a highly palatable form of calcined magnesite (cal-mag). It is basically a combination of salt, feed-grade cal-mag and a flavour. Sweet Cal-Mag contains less magnesium than conventional Cal-Mag and it is approximately 33% Magnesium (Mg). Therefore it is important to note that the daily feeding rate is higher in order to provide the required amount of magnesium.

Grass Tetany Prevention

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