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Liffey Mills and Pegus Horse Feeds

The Pegus Horse Feed range caters for the foal preweaning, right through to the mature performance horse.
Each feed is designed for a particular purpose i.e. growth in the period immediately post weaning, growth during the yearling winter, flat racing as 2 year olds etc.


The aim of Pegus Horse Feeds is to ensure optimum muscle and bone growth from foal to mature horse and thereafter, to ensure that performance will be maximised through the provision of perfectly balanced diets at all times.


Ingredient selection is vitally important as a means to achieve Pegus’ aim.Only top quality palatable and digestible raw materials are used including oats, barley, alfalfa, high protein soya beans and vegetable oils.Each ingredient is tested in our onsite labs and only after satisfying the strict quality criteria required, are they passed for use in The Pegus Horse Feed Range.


Nutrient specification of the diets is equally important.All diets are formulated to nutrient levels based on current equine nutritional research, and contain organic materials in Bioplex form to improve bioavailability.

Pegus Horse Feed has been refined over many years to meet the specific needs of all horse types. Each feed is designed to meet the requirements of a particular type of horse, in terms of nutrients, trace elements and vitamins.

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