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An 18% protein high energy cube designed for the high genetic merit animal in both winter milk and early lactation in the spring calving herds. Its composition of barley and maize provides its main energy sources, combined with digestible fibres such as soya hulls and pulps incorporated to allow generous levels of feeding and topped off with protein sources such as soya bean, distillers grain, beans and gluten, this is a well-rounded balanced feed that will certainly deliver litres whilst maintaining body condition score in both early and late lactation.

It has a UFL value of 0.95 (as fed basis) or 1.1 (dry matter basis) and will compliment a grass silage and/or grazing diet perfectly. We have also included protected minerals in the form of copper, selenium and zinc to give your cow that additional boost at these critical points of the season and with the inclusion of LEVUCELL SC (a Rumen Specific Live Yeast) this will allow for greater intakes and better utilisation of feed. Cal-mag is also included as standard as an aid in the prevention of grass tetany.

At Liffey Mills we also produce Maize Dairy Balancer rations and a range of other Dairy Cubes. For further information on alternative rations/balancers/cubes please contact your local branch.

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