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Teagasc Pasture Profit Index

Notes and information

The Pasture Profit Index should be used in conjunction with good grassland management practices. The Pasture Profit Index is designed as a guide to assist in variety selection when planning to reseed. Variety selection may depend on the intended grazing management to be practiced (e.g. grazing, silage, etc.).

All data used in the compilation of this index has between generated from data within the Frequent Cutting Department of Agriculture,
Food and the Marine (DAFM) Recommended List Trials.
Only varieties that have completed a minimum of 2 harvest years in the DAFM Frequent Cutting Protocol have a Pasture Profit Index (PPI) value assigned to them. Therefore, it is advised that the PPI should be used in conjunction with the DAFM 2017 Recommended List to ensure you are selecting the best available perennial ryegrass varieties to meet your particular requirements.

Varieties marked with (*) have only one sowing year data available, therefore this is provisional data. Data for Aberchoice, Kintyre, Carraig, Solomon and Drumbo was obtained from 2 different sets of trials in the same sowing year, which was a total of four harvest years. No Frequent Cutting data is yet available for Solas, Rodrigo and Clanrye – no PPI can be calculated.

Persistency is modelled over 12 years which is in line with industry practice (Creighton et al., 2012)

Guide to reading the table:

Variety details: Variety, Ploidy (T= tetraploid; D= diploid), Heading date
PPI details (Total €/ha per year): indicates relative profitability difference when compared to the Base Values
PPI sub-indices: DM yield (spring, summer and autumn), Quality (April, May, June and July), Silage (1st and 2nd cut), Persistency. This indicates the economic merit of each variety within each trait, summed together this provides the overall Pasture Profit Index figure.

Varieties with no PPI values: Varieties listed with no PPI values do not have enough agronomic data available for the PPI value calculation at present. These varieties should also be considered for variety selection given that they are present on the Recommended List. Data for all varieties will be available within the next two years. Actual performance data of each variety is presented in the DAFM Grass and Clover Recommended List Varieties for Ireland 2017.

Queries regarding the Pasture Profit Index can be directed to margie.egan@teagasc.ie

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