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Sweet Sward  
3.00 kg Abergain (T)
3.00 kg Aberchoice (D)
2.50 kg Aston Energy (T)
2.50 kg Drumbo (D)
0.50 kg White Clover Blend
11.50 kgs  

A carefully selected blend of exceptionally high D-Value grasses, delivering a highly palatable and nutritious sward for early spring right through to late autumn growth. This mix has been specifically formulated for the farmer that has high output and high stocking rate requirements. It contains 50% Tetraploid for high Palatability and digestible yields.


Abergain (T):

A Late heading Tetraploid with a heading date of 5th June. It is yet another variety from the Aver house with very high figures for digestibility. It rates €198 on the PPI which ranks it in the top 3 of the late heading varieties. Its digestibility score of €60 ranks one of the highest in quality.

Aberchoice (D):

Another late heading variety, this diploid has a heading date of the 9th June. A very high digestible score of €59 which will ensure full clean out of paddocks post grazing. It also boasts an overall PPI of €194 for 2018.

Aston Energy (T):

A well proven variety that has been spoke about many times in Moorepark in recent years. It has excellent forage quality combined with a very high palatability rating making it very attractive for any blend

Drumbo (D):

A late heading Diploid, Drumbo will give excellent yields of highly digestible grass swards under a grazing system. It has excellentspring growth characteristics and high DMD values.

White Clover Blend:

A blend of high yielding, Nitrogen tolerant clovers that all score well for persistence.

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