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Sward Maker  
4.00 kg Glenveigh (D)
4.00 kg Glenroyal (D)
2.00 kg Alfonso (T)
1.00 kg Timothy
0.50 kg Clover Blend
11.50 kgs  

A Diploid dominated mixture derived to deliver high quality production in difficult conditions, whilst also giving excellent ground cover. All varieties are chosen for their ability to perform and persist under difficult soil conditions roviding quality sward density is an absolute must in difficult soils hence the careful selection of Diplpoid varieties, all of which are late heading.


Glenveigh (D)

A Diploid variety with the highest rated ground cover on DAFM list of 7.5. Carefully selected for this mix to provide cover and early spring growth on tricky soils.

Glenroyal (D)

An excellent dual purpose variety. It gives excellent yields especially under grazing conditions. Glenroyal is a very dense variety with excellent ground cover which is a vital attribute on heavier soils. It has good forage quality and exceptional mid and late season growth. 

Alfonso (T)

A Tetraploid variety that’s new to the PPI list. It has an impressive heading date of 4th June and is the highest rated Tetraploid for ground cover currently on the PPI. Providing good summer growth and quality figures this variety is a good all round performer.


Tried and tested over the years to adapt to cooler wetter soils, this variety will deliver an early bite in harsh conditions whilst forming a dense sward producing good silage and grazing swards throughout the growing season.

Clover Blend

A blend of white medium small leaf clover to provide continued persistence.

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