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Silage Sward  
4.00 kg Aberwolf (D)
4.00 kg Seagoe (T)
3.50 kg Aberchoice (D)
11.50 kgs  

A carefully blended mixture containing predominantly dipolid varieties that will cater for the livestock farmer aiming for at least two quality silage cuts in the season. All varieties have compact heading dates to ensure quality and dense swards for superb silage.


Aberwolf (D)

An intermediate diploid perennial rye-grass. It has an unrivalled combination of grazing yield, conservation yield, extended season performance and quality (D value). Aberwolf is a very strong performer both early and late in the grass growing season. 

Seagoe (T)

First listed in 2014,this Tetraploid variety has been named on the PPI as having the highest silage yield for a Tetraploid. It has a heading date of the 28th May and will provide good summer and autumn growth. With a PPI value of €185 and also ranking highest for 1st cut silage on DAFM list, it places this variety into the overall mix as an ideal silage producer.

Aberchoice (D)

This Diploid variety rates in the top 10 on the PPI with a value of €194. Boasting some of the highest DMD figures and total yield, especially in the summer and autumn you are ensured of quality growth throughout the season.

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