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Dual purpose mix with a very close heading date spread.

  • A 60:40 diploid tetraploid grass seed mix.
  • Gold Sward will result in a dense leafy sward suited to intensive animal production systems.
  • Provides a high yield mix and offers the potential for a heavy silage cut in late May/early June.

4.5kg Abergain (T)
4.0kg Aberchoice (D) 2.5kg Drumbo (D)
0.5kg White Clover Blend
NOTE: Diploid (D) and Tetraploid (T) varieties are shown by the presence of the symbol after the variety name.


Abergain (T):

  • The “top” grass variety.
  • A total score of €214 on the Teagasc ‘Pasture Profit Index’.
  • A variety of exceptional quality with the highest score for silage on the PPI of all late tetraploids.
  • Abergain is the highest quality variety with excellent palatability for higher utilization of your swards.

Aberchoice (D):

  • Top late heading diploid variety on the PPI with a score of €189.
  • A variety that allows a good cut of silage and exceptional autumn growth for grazing afterwards.
  • The highest quality diploid on the PPI with excellent palatability for grazing cleanouts.

Drumbo (D):

  • Boasts excellent quality score of €24 on the PPI.
  • Very even growth throughout the growing season.
  • An outstanding diploid variety with a total PPI value of €117.
  • Excellent ground cover, which in a dual purpose mix is a sought after attribute.

White Clover Blend:

  • A blend of high yielding, nitrogen tolerant clovers that all score well for persistence.

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