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Gold Sward  
2.50 kg Abergain (T)
4.00 kg Aberchoice (D)
2.00 kg Kintyre
2.50 kg Drumbo (D)
0.50 kg Clover Blend
11.50 kgs  

A superior Dual Purpose Mixture specially formulated to deliver premium quality grazing, it also boasts of a top yielding high D (Diploid) value that will deliver a silage cut at the end of May/Early June.  All varieties included are 100% late heading and are made up from 60% Diploid & 40% Tetraploid grass seeds


Abergain (T)

An outstanding late heading Tetraploid variety that delivers tremendous yields under both grazing and cutting situations. The Northern Ireland recommended list states that Abergain (T) has the highest two cut digestible yield of all varieties on the list.

Aberchoice (D)

A top diploid variety for autumn growth boasting of the highest DMD & quality ratings on the PPI (Pasture Profit Index) A heading date of the 9th of June which is perfect for a dual purpose variety with the aim of cutting the 1st week of June.

Kintyre (T)

A late heading Tetraploid with a heading date of 7th June. It has excellent figures for Mid-season and Autumn growth making it an ideal variety in a dual purpose mix.

Drumbo (D)

A late heading Diploid, Drumbo will give excellent yields on highly digestible grass swards under a grazing system. It has excellent spring growth characteristics and high MDM values. 

Clover Blend

A blend of high yielding, Nitrogen tolerant clover that all score well for persistence.

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