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Liffey Mills is one of the country’s leading agricultural Merchants. Established by Richard Liffey as a small grain and feed business, this privately owned company has developed into six branches, three of which have working feed mills. The largest of these is in Roscrea and has grain toasting, mixing, bagging and cubing facilities on site. With over 70 years experience delivering top quality products to farmers in the aim of maximising farm gate profits in all aspects of agriculture.

Reseeding Plan of Action

  • Identify poor performing fields / weed infestations.
  • Spray off with Glyphosate.
  • Soil Sample.
  • Apply lime if required.
  • Sow in good conditions and Roll.
  • Spray post emergence for broadleaved weeds especially Docks and Thistles before grazing.

Choosing Varieties

Picking tried and tested varieties from PPI and DAFM recommended list. This list ranks ryegrass varieties based on their potential to influence farm profitability. Each variety tested is given an index based on traits. These include economic importance for grassland farmers combined with good management techniques. The traits are Spring, summer and Autumn Growth, Silage Yields, Quality and Persistency. In conjunction with DAFM recommended list the PPI is designed to assist with Variety Selection suitable to each farming system.

Why Reseed.?

  • To make more Money……!!
  • Old permanent pasture produces 3TDM/ha/year less than perennial ryegrass dominated swards
  • Old swards are 25% less responsive to applied Fertiliser
  • New reseeded swards carry higher stocking rates. (up to 8% higher mil output per ha)
  • Increased grass quality, increased fertiliser efficiency
  • Longer grazing season
  • Producing higher yields (over 16tDM/ha)


Tall upright Growth
More open sward
Higher digestibility
(higher sugar grasses)



Good Ground Cover
Dense Sward
Lower Digestibility

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