Water Troughs and Bowls

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Water Troughs and Bowls

We stock a wide range of water troughs and bowls both plastic and concrete, all our plastic troughs are manufactured by JFC and the standard range includes:

  • 40 gallon trough,
  • 70 gallon trough
  • 90 gallon trough
  • 180 gallon trough
  • 250 gallon trough
  • 350 gallon trough

Other troughs in the JFC range include: The Fast Fill Plastic Troughs available as standard in 130 gallon, 175 gallon and 220 gallon respectively.

Water Troughs and Bowls

Our Concrete Troughs are manufactured by local well reowned pre-cast enterprises and our range includes as standard:

  • 80 gallon trough
  • 150 gallon trough
  • 330 gallon trough
  • 500 gallon trough

Water Troughs and Bowls

We also carry a wide range of Drinking bowls to cater for all types of animals, these include:

  • Ballvalve nose fill Bowl
  • Galvanised Bowl
  • Plastic Micro Bowl
  • Cast Iron Bowl
  • Clean Drinker
  • Nose Fill Plastic Drinker

Water Troughs and Bowls

  • Corner Drinker
  • Equine Horse Drinkers
  • Poultry Drinkers

If you require a particular make or model of trough or bowl not listed above please call into any of our branches where we will be happy to help.

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