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This 20% protein high energy cube has been formulated for the high genetic merit herd to deliver litres whilst maintaining condition score either as part of a winter milking diet or in early lactation on a spring calving herd. Balancing a total mixed ration (tmr) is vital for dairy cows especially in early lactation when access to quality grass is limited and this is where our deluxe cube plays a pivotal role.

It’s main protein source is soya bean, which is the best source of undegradable protein on the market, it boasts of maize and barley as its main energy source complimented with Megalac (a protected fat that increases the cows energy supply) this in turn has attributed to give this cube a UFL value of 1 (as fed basis) or 1.16 (dry matter basis). We have also included protected minerals in the form of copper, selenium and zinc, these are three vital minerals that support metabolism, growth, production and reproduction. Another issue faced is rumen acidosis especially when on high starch diets or lush grass so we have included LEVUCELL SC (a Rumen Specific Live Yeast to aid digestion).

Cal-mag is also included as standard as an aid in the prevention of grass tetany.

At Liffey Mills we also produce Maize Dairy Balancer rations and a range of other Dairy Cubes. For further information on alternative rations/balancers/cubes please contact your local branch.

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