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A 13% protein cube devised for finishing animals at a younger age. We have always prided ourselves on our Beef Rations and this cube will deliver the same in terms of performance. Boasting of Maize and Barley as its top two ingredients for weight gain and fat cover, a blend of pulps for fibre and inclusion of top quality proteins such as soya bean for muscle development, this cube simply will not be beaten for performance.

The addition of OPTIGEST has put this cube on a pedestal when it comes to high intakes, as the OPTIGEST contains full rate minerals, buffers, extra salts, yeast and probiotics to allow daily consumption of 10kg per head upwards and is exclusive to Liffey Mills. The lower protein content has allowed our nutritionists to maximise on starch intakes in this cube hence ensuring a return on input.

This cube can also be fed at grass to finishing animals but by far the best results will be seen when the cube is offered ad-lib to animals for up to 100 days with the addition of straw and fresh water at all times.

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