VIANDI is a product based on essential oils and plant extracts that manage the mico flora in the animals rumen. VIANDI has been sourced in France and extensively trialled by the INRA (French State Agricultural Research Centre). In short the addition of VIANDI in our select rations will reduce the lactic acid in the rumen caused by rations rich in cereals. It also reduces the degradation of starch and so the energy from a ration is absorbed to better effect. It works best in high starch cereal feeds (lesser effect in feeds under 20% starch) and to date the best results have been seen in female lambs. Also carcasses supplemented with VIANDI got a better valorisation and firmness of fat than those not supplemented.  A multitude of trials point to increases in average daily gain of between 7-13% and in the improvement of in food conversion of 5%.


Cattle don’t ingest Vitamin B1, but instead it is produced in their rumen by the animal’s own microflora. If these microflora gets killed or changes then the amount of B1 available to the animal actually drops and a deficiency occurs. Lush fast growing grass contains high levels of starch and sugars. When calves are put onto this grass the fast build up of sugars can cause a sudden drop in rumen pH, which alters or kills the rumen microflora. Affected calves will show signs similar to “Meningitis” due to the brain cells being destroyed by the lack of Vitamin B1. This condition if not treated can lead to permanent blindness. By having high levels of B1 available to the calf through its feed will act as a preventative from CCN occurring, thus giving you peace of mind especially in mid season grazing.

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