What is Actisaf?

  • Actisaf is a live yeast of the species Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
  • Yeast are single cell organisms which are classified as fungi.
  • The most common use of live yeast is in the making of bread.
  • Yeast ferments carbohydrates to produce carbon dioxide and it is this process that is so useful – by respiring oxygen, and producing carbon dioxide, it causes the bread to rise.
  • It is this same property of yeast – the consumption of oxygen – that makes it so useful when feeding ruminants such as dairy cows and beef animals.

One gram of Actisaf contains 10 billion live cells.
An Actisaf yeast prill is a bit like a Malteser – the unique drying process results in a layer of dead cells around the edge of the prill (like the chocolate on the Malteser!) that protect the live yeast cells within. The stability afforded by the coating of dead cells ensures that Actisaf is the most heat stable live yeast available, making it ideal for incorporation into pelleted feed through a mill.

Actisaf is produced by Lesaffre, the world’s largest manufacturer of yeast. Around 40% of the world’s yeast is made by Lesaffre!

Why feed grass?

The nutritional benefits of spring grass

Grass analysis – May 2012

Taking the average digestibility of the above samples, for a cow consuming 17 kg DM of grazed grass she will consume sufficient energy to support maintenance plus a milk yield of 26 litres

The digestion of spring grass in the rumen

  • The rumen is a large fermentation chamber (similar to an anaerobic digester) that is packed full of microbes.
  • These rumen microbes digest grass, forages and cereals to make energy available to the cow, as well as synthesising microbial protein from ammonia, which is essential for milk production, fertility and maintenance.
  • The rumen microbes require a low oxygen environment and rumen pH to be kept between 6.0 – 7.0 so that they can optimise feed digestion and hence the production of energy and the creation of microbial protein.

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